Worried About Skin Graft Recovery?

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Perhaps you’ve been the victim of a burn, a laceration or some other injury and the skin on and around the site of trauma is taking an abnormally long time to heal or is too injured to recover on its own. A skin graft has been presented to you as an option for treatment but you have fears. Not fears about the process and the professionals doing the work per se, but the recovery process that you can expect.

With skin grafting of any kind, you’ll be under local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the graft required. This will definitely help with the initial stages of the graft, but what about after the anesthesia wears off? You may notice that another part of your skin was used as a “donor site”. Don’t worry, these sites are sterilized and will naturally heal back over time. As for the site of the graft, expect most initial dressings to stay on for a few days to a week, with subsequent bandages, netting or another doctor-approved

covering for sterilization and healing purposes. Some people may wonder if their graft site will ever look “normal” again. In almost all cases, the regeneration process will begin and the replacement and restoration of hair and sweat glands. There can be some complications with skin grafts, so careful monitoring of your graft at home is a necessary step. Skin grafting can be a needed step to recovery, but it need not be a painful recovery process.

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